Equipment maintenance tips
  • Undergarments including tops, bottoms, socks, neck guards and anything touching the skin area directly should be washed after
    each use.
  • Helmet and chin straps should be wiped with a clean sanitized wipe.
  • Jocks and garter belts not directly touching the skin should be washed once a month.
  • Pants knee pads; shoulder pads and skates should be aired out after each use.
  • Your doctor should be advised if you have any skin irritations or rashes. Many of these symptoms are bacterial related and can be eliminated by the professional Sani-Sport cleaning process.
Are skate guards important?
  • Yes. 20% of all blade damage occurs off the ice when your blades come in contact with hard surfaces such as concrete, drains, sticks or the grit on the dressing room floor and common walk ways. Damage can also occur in your equipment bag without skate guards on.
Are new skates profiled?
  • Most skates have no profile at all. Very few skates come with a generic profile that may not be suited for the size of that particular skater.
Should goalie skates be profiled?
  • Yes. Goalie blade balancing and blade heights are critical to a goalie’s success and one of the most misunderstood aspects that affect a goalie’s performance.

What is the best skate?
  • We are frequently asked this question. The best skate on the market is... The most comfortable skate for you!
Are there defective “NEW” skates?
  • Yes. However most can be repaired. The most fixable problem is with blade alignment... let us check your skates, as mis-alignment can possibly lead to injury due to body compensations and added physical stress to the lower limbs and back.
Are there skate orthotics?
  • Yes. There are all kinds of sport sole orthotics. If you think you need orthotics, try our in-store sports insoles such as “superfeet”. If they cannot solve the problem, consult your doctor to see if you require custom skate orthotics.
How should you store skates?
  • Don't leave your skates in a car or unheated garage. Bring them inside. Water and moisture from condensation expands when frozen and will damage holders, boots and cause blades to rust. If you have plastic guards, remove and clean them.
How does a hollow affect performance?
  • A smaller (ROH) Radius of Hollow, i.e. 7/16" results in a blade with a higher bite angle than a blade with a larger radius, i.e. 5/8" ROH. A higher bite angle will cause the blade to penetrate the ice deeper increasing drag.