Testimonials of The Skater's Performance  ANDY WILSON
5 stars, The Skater's Performance 2 weeks ago
“I have you used Skater's Performance all winter for my son's skates as well as my own. This is the only place I will get my skates sharpened. If you want it done right - consistently, this is the place to go.”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance  ALISON DOMINGUES
5 stars, The Skater's Performance a week ago
“Can’t say enough about the staff and service - always a smile to greet you - always quick - always looking out for their customers. Well done!”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance  ANDREW STEWART
5 stars, The Skater's Performance 8 months ago
“Absolutely THE BEST place to have your skates sharpened. A family business, everyone is so friendly and personable. The most impressive part about The Skater’s Performance, aside from the constant flow of clients, is their attention to detail. I’ve never had a bad profile or sharpening from them and likely never will. Quality control is the best I’ve ever seen. They’re worth the drive from anywhere to have your skates done.”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance  SEAN REILY
5 stars, The Skater's Performance 6 months ago
“We are new in town and looking for a reliable place for sharpening... this seems to be the consensus from everyone we asked and they were right. They talked up the profiling.... and I was a little skeptical however my sons skating improved with the new profile! thanks guys.”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance  Kevin Winsor
5 stars, The Skater's Performance 7 months ago
“Once again Randy and the team save the day! Took my son's skates in as we have a very busy schedule for the next 7 days. Randy noticed a missing rivet and 3 lose rivets. Had them fixed and sharpened in 20 minutes! Thanks The Skater's Performance, you continue to amaze with your exceptional customer service!”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance   Arthur Lightstone
5 stars, The Skater's Performance 1 year ago
“I love the Skater's Performance. They're friendly and knowledgeable, and they specialize in something that many people are really passionate about: hockey!

This is the place where local hockey players get their skates sharpened. One tends to hear about this little, out-of-the-way shop through the hockey network. (Word of mouth through satisfied customers seems to be all the promotion this place needs.) I heard that they provide a very consistent yet subtle sharpening that manages to give you both bite and control right after a sharpening. (No need to break skates in after a sharpening.) Sure enough, that's exactly what I found. I've been bringing our skates here ever since.

Skater's Performance also provides a great drop-off service, so customers can drop off skates in the secure after-hours depository, and then pick them up whenever they're able to get back to the store during opening hours. Great concept!”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance   Matt Phisher
5 stars, The Skater's Performance a year ago
“This is the best sharpener in York Region. If you want reliable friendly service with quality and knowledgeable sharpening, this is your place. When getting a child's skate sharpened, you need to be able to trust the technician. The fact that I can tell them how my boot is feeling and they can fix my problem blows me away. I feel like the race car driver telling the mechanic what is wrong, and it is fixed the next time I am on the ice.”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance   Doug Westlund
5 stars, The Skater's Performance a year ago
“I have been going to Skater's Performance for many years and they are fantastic. Top notch sharpening and great accessories at good prices. Randy, Peggy and Don are a pleasure to deal with.”

Testimonials of The Skater's Performance   Frank Corleone
5 stars, The Skater's Performance a year ago
“Best sharpening in the city.”