Enjoy this segment from the Discovery Channel where Brock University conducted the only comprehensive documented real life study on the interaction of blade to ice and the tremendous positive performance impact it has on the skater. The Skaterís Performance is very honoured to be selected and trained in the higher art of skate maintenance. Our staff has achieved the highest level of knowledge in professional skate maintenance enabling us to provide our customers with excellence in service.  

Check your Skates

Get Your Skates Checked

New or used skates are not necessarily sharpened and profiled to the skater. To reduce risk of injury and to ensure your skates will provide you with proper control and maneuverability you should have them checked for proper profile and alignment.

Proper sharpening, blade mounting, alignment and profile determine the skater’s center of gravity, body posture, body compensations and physical stress. All these affect the skating style, speed, stops, starts and a hockey player’s stick handling as well as a figure skater’s jumps and landings.