Professional Skate Sharpening

The Skater's Performance is one of only a few acknowledged Premier North American Skate Centres
servicing York Region and South Simcoe offering MAXIMUM EDGE® practices.

Consistency is the key to good skate sharpening. Skate blades which have been neglected or poorly maintained are harder to sharpen and don't perform well on the ice. Clean strong edges improve control and a skater's confidence in the blades. If the blades are of poor quality steel or have been overheated by bad sharpening, the blade edges are considered to be weak. Weak edges are more prone to roll or snap off because they are brittle. Some sharpeners try to compensate this problem by sharpening with a deeper hollow, but this only compounds the problem. The deeper hollow gives the skater an edge, but the skate controls the skater and we all know the skater should be in control of their skates. Learn about MAXIMUM EDGE® >

check your skates

Get Your Skates Checked

New or used skates are not necessarily sharpened and profiled to the skater. To reduce risk of injury and to ensure your skates will provide you with proper control and maneuverability you should have them checked for proper profile and alignment.

Proper sharpening, blade mounting, alignment and profile determine the skater’s center of gravity, body posture, body compensations and physical stress. All these affect the skating style, speed, stops, starts and a hockey player’s stick handling as well as a figure skater’s jumps and landings.

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