Sani Sport

Sani Sport is the most proven ECO-GREEN waterless sanitizing process on the planet.

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The patented Sani Sport technology has been scientifically proven to eliminate between 99 and 100% of the dangerous bacteria that can be found in protective equipment. This includes the super bug MRSA, general staph infections, E Coli, and a variety of influenza organisms by forcing ozone deep into dense padding and hard to reach places like gloves and skates. The Sani Sport process also applies an additional natural protective coating during the cycle to help prevent future bacteria from forming and leaves gear smelling great! And it only takes 16 minutes!

This process is used to clean not just hockey, other important uses are: Football, Lacrosse, Health Club/Martial Arts, Fire/EMS/Police gear, Hunting/Camping/Outdoor, First Aid Mannequins.

The Sani-Sport system is so good that is the choice of 27 NHL teams, 13 NFL Teams, 6 CFL Teams and most recently The Toronto Blue Jays. Simply put, it adds the piece of mind that you are looking for and it disinfects and removes harmful BACTERIA & ODORS in 16 minutes. It is the ONLY service sanctioned by the NHL.


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