TSP Services

  • A superior customer experience is our goal. We pride ourselves on an in-depth knowledge of everything we do.
  • Advising you on your skates or lacrosse equipment.
  • Professional service means providing assistance with your skates or equipment challenges.
  • Equipment Sanitizing for hockey, lacrosse, baseball, football, etc...
  • Lacrosse Stringing

Professional Skate Sharpening

We sharpen skates for everyone from the occasional recreational skater to the competitive figure skater and hockey player. We can accommodate your specific sharpening needs. Adjusting for depth of hollow is never a problem. If you are having a problem with your skates (new or broken in), bring them to us, we can help! We employ a unique 7-step patented blade preparation, sharpening and finishing process that ensures your skates are perfectly and consistently sharpened every time.

Hockey Profiling Service

While figure skates come profiled from the manufacturer, player and goalies do not. Very few skates come with a generic profile that may not be suited for the size of that particular skater. At the Skater's Performance we offer this Professional Service using the MAXIMUM EDGE® best practice process which is proven over every level of hockey. A skater's centre of gravity is determined by the blade-to-ice contact, known as blade profile. This contact area ultimately affects the skater's control and performance. Profiling is a custom process of shaping the blade prior to sharpening. It matches the skate blades to the skater and to each other making them identical in height and blade-to-ice contact. The Skater's Performance will maintain the skater's profile during regular sharpening's, checking the blades for consistency and correcting any differences.


  • We specialize in skate repairs
  • Stock most holders and blades for hockey
  • Rivets, eyelets and screws in addition we mount
    and align your HOCKEY & FIGURE SKATES

Sani Sport

Sani Sport is the most proven ECO- GREEN waterless sanitizing process on the planet. The patented Sani Sport technology has been scientifically proven to eliminate between 99 and 100% of the dangerous bacteria that can be found in protective equipment. This includes MRSA, general staph infections, E Coli, and a variety of influenza organisms. Washing alone DOES NOT! kill bacteria. This process is used to sanitize not just hockey, other important uses are: Football, Lacrosse, Health Club/Martial Arts, Fire/EMS/Police/Military gear, Hunting/Camping/Outdoor, First Aid Mannequins. The Sani-Sport system is so good that is the choice of 27 NHL teams, 15 NFL Teams, 6 CFL Teams and 2 MLB Teams. Simply put, it adds the peace of mind that you are looking for and it disinfects and removes harmful BACTERIA & ODORS in 16 minutes.

After Hours Drop-off

We offer a unique secure skate and equipment drop off for our customers that can be used before or after hours to assist you in your lifestyle. This unique store feature provides a convenience solution for you to drop your skates or equipment off for skate sharpening, skate profiling, skate repairs and equipment sanitizing.

Please drop by our Newmarket store for details and sign-up for this extremely convenient solution.