Hockey Profiling

Hockey Skate Profiling

Maximum Edge® Profile System

Skate Profiling - More Control Less Resistance

A skater's centre of gravity is determined by the blade-to-ice contact, known as the blade profile. This contact area ultimately affects the skater's control and performance.

Every player is unique, making it important to match the skates with the players-body composition. Applying the correct pitch and radius creates better balance, control, bite and glide, ultimately resulting in better performance. Proper pitch puts the body in a neutral position, improving control. While proper radius ensures bite and glide on the ice.

Maintaining the desired profile over the life of the blades requires consistency. If the blade radius, profile and heights are changing over multiple sharpenings, the skater is constantly compensating resulting in unwanted physical stress.

Remember when purchasing new skates the profile is not set for the intended skater and a correct profile will ensure the skates are working for the player.

It is recommended to have skates re-profiled once a year if the same skater continues in them. The Skater's Performance maintains the skater's profile during regular sharpenings, checking the blades for consistency during the first year