Professional Skate Sharpening

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The Skater's Performance is the only Certified MAXIMUM EDGE® location servicing York Region and South Simcoe. We are one of the few acknowledged Premier North American Skate Centres.

A Canadian Innovation Company - The Skater’s Performance is a truly professional skate sharpening and profiling service that is chosen by professional athletes from the NHL, AHL, ECHL, European Pro leagues OHL QMJHL, WHL and Pro on-ice officials. The Skater’s Performance staff have in-depth knowledge of profiling, sharpening and blade management that maximizes the skater’s performance and reduces the risk of injury.

The Skater’s Performance demands the same precision for Figure Skaters so they can be confident knowing their skates will be perfectly sharpened, every time.

Consistent Edges Every Time

Skate blades that have been neglected, poorly maintained or of poor quality can result in the athlete being controlled by the skate. The Skater’s Performance staff are here to inspect and advise you of those impacts and provide solutions to get you performing at your best. By following a long-standing consistent process, our goal is to allow skaters to feel confident each time they meet the ice.