Sani Sport Equipment Sanitation

Sani Sport

Equipment Sanitation

Sani Sport is a trusted ECO- GREEN waterless sanitizing process used by over 55 professional sports teams. The patented Sani Sport technology has been scientifically proven to eliminate between 99 and 100% of the dangerous bacteria that can be found in protective equipment.

This includes MRSA, general staph infections, E Coli, and a variety of influenza organisms. Washing alone DOES NOT kill bacteria. This process is used to sanitize not just hockey, but other equipment such as football, lacrosse, martial arts, Fire/EMS/Police/Military gear, Hunting/Camping/Outdoor and First Aid Mannequins. The Sani-Sport system disinfects and removes harmful BACTERIA & ODORS in just 16 minutes. Remember to bring your equipment in DRY for sanitizing.

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