Every time we go to sharpen our sons skates it turns out to be fun event as my boys both 6 and 10 end up shooting on the dog.. Also Randy and his staff are very courteous and Brendan always has his best games when he gets his skates sharpened there...I would recommend them to all families across York region...

Jr LeBlanc hockey dad Atom AA redmen

Hi Randy et al...
We had to buy new skates a few weeks back and as usual, we were concerned about our son adjusting to the new skates, blade size, etc.

When I arrived for the all important 'profiling' you noticed that one of the skates was off kilter and we would have to 'shim' the boot so it was all square.

He tried them out at one practice and by the next game was on the ice in the new skates looking stronger and faster than before - an absolutely seamless transition mid season which was a very welcome relief to Mom, Dad and of course his team.

Thank you so much for doing what you do so well - taking the time and care with each customer to ensure the performance of the skater will be at its highest every time.

You and your company are true professionals and have my highest recommendation for anyone who plays the game of hockey.

Mike Kensit

“I have been covering the NHL for almost two decades and one thing I’ve learned is how fussy the best players in the world are about their skate blades. They know the perfect edge is crucial to their game.

Randy and the staff at The Skater’s Performance treat every pair of skates the same way the pros treat their own. My son noticed a big difference after I started bringing his skates to Randy. Now, I won’t get his skates sharpened anywhere else.”

James Duthie, host NHL on TSN

You repaired a skate for me this past Monday where you had to remount and re-rivet the blade because my blade was bent, they are now better than ever and I just want to let you know that I've skated 3 time since then and they are great. Thanks for doing a awesome job on the repair and sharpening.”

Dominic DiBlasio

May 14, 2008
“The Skater’s Performance,
I got an email today from an interesting fella, Randy Highmore. He's the owner of a new skate 'maintenance' shop in Newmarket. It's called Maximum Edge and I did some research on it. I was impressed with what I found as he referenced a recent episode of the Discovery Channel in which they discussed this technology vis a vis Dr. Kelly Lockwood, Professor Brock University. So I went to see Randy and had him do my skates and my daughters (the real picky skater). For me it made a big difference, for Kiana - the biggest difference was that she didn't feel tippy (a chronic problem that comes from not 'maintaining' the blade profile every time you have your skates sharpened. When I saw how much blade we were skating on - we where convinced!

Now there is only one place we go... and the whole team sees Randy on a regular basis. I suggest to anyone that they try it and see for yourself.

Howard Ohori
Coach Panthers Peewee A

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